September 10, 1998

Airbus Picks Up Another Small Order

Farnborough, England - Airbus Industrie didn't even bother to call a press release to announce their latest order after the bonanza the European manufacturer recorded earlier in the week.

Today's announcement was a firm order for two A319s from debis AirFinance of the Netherlands, increasing the leasing firm's fleet to a total of 22 aircraft including orders previously committed.

The $80 million deal was nice, but apparently not big enough to gather the remaining members of the press corps into conference. Just as well, as the ranks of Airbus staff at their chalet were equally thin. Beside, Airbus had already scored the major news of the show with big orders on the first three days.

debis AirFinance, based at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, has been active in the international market since 1995 and has built up a total portfolio of over 80 aircraft on lease to 23 airlines in 20 countries. The company currently leases to a diverse range of airlines including ACES Colombia, British Midland, Air France and Kyrghyzstan Airlines.

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