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Exclusive Interview With MiG's Top Designer

In an exclusive interview with AeroWorldNet, Anatoly Belosvet, Chief Designer at MiG "MAPO" reveals details on MiG's 1.42 program, Russia's answer to the U.S. F-22.

Sukhoi Su-37 - The Plane, The Pilot, The Company

The hottest fighter at Farnborough is explored in detail with Sukhoi, Pilot Yevgeny Frolov, and Russia's marketing arm, Rosvoorouzhenie.

GE Shows Off The YF-120
First time this high performance jet engine/thrust-vectoring combination has been shown. The engine is proposed for the JSF program.

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming
Moscow has decided to be open for business. The big question is, have the Russians?

Allison Is On A Roll(s)
Rolls-Royce division has a great week with two sizable orders.

Thanks For The Memories
It's been an incredible week. AeroWorldNet scooped the big guys, went out on a limb with a prediction that came true, and generally did what we came to do. Produce a great daily online newsmagazine on-site at one of the world's great international air shows.

Big Booths, Big Expenses, Big Orders?
Shows like Farnborough aren't cheap. Is it worth it? Our reporters talk to exhibitors at this year's show and get their opinions.

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