Another $1.2 Billion For Boeing

Farnborough, September 4 -- The Boeing Chalet at Farnborough was jubilant as the company announced another order today, this one for seven 747-400s destined for Philippine Airlines. The $1.18 billion order brings Boeing's Farnborough order announcements this week to almost $7.5 billion.

The new 747s are scheduled for mid-1998 delivery and will be powered by GE CF6-80C2B1F engines.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is currently flying a fleet including 12 747s and 12 737s.

Boeing's 68 aircraft $6.3 billion order announcement came on the first day of the show, followed the next day by Airbus announcing orders for 32 aircraft valued at $2.4 billion.

Almost lost in the news yesterday was Boeing's announcement of an order for one 737-500 from the Air Force of Chile. No value was disclosed, and the aircraft is scheduled for delivery in September 1997.

Rivalry at large international air shows is typical, with aircraft manufacturers timing deals in order to make major announcements. This Farnborough is no exception, but the momentum is clearly in Boeing's favor.

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