A Candid Conversation With MiG's Anatoly Belosvet

Belesvot waits patiently through an earlier press conference.

Farnborough, September 6 -- AeroWorldNet was granted an audience with MiG's Chief Designer, Anatoly Belesvot, to talk about Russia's new MiG 1.42 fighter. Here's what he said.

AWN: It was confirmed earlier this week that Russia has a program called the MiG 1.42, that is comparable to the U.S. F-22 fighter. What is the current stage of development for this aircraft?

Belosvet: We only have to complete a couple of tests to be ready for production of this aircraft.

AWN: What tests are presently being conducted?

Belosvet: Flight testing has already started. High speed runway tests are complete. Digital control systems are still under test. When these are complete we will be ready. We should be completely finished with testing in 3-4 months.

AWN: How does the 1.42 compare to the U.S. F-22?

Belosvet: It will be superior. The U.S. defense ministry made concessions to manufacturers or the new U.S. aircraft would be a much more capable plane. It is different in Russia. Our defense ministry made no concessions to us. We are still bound by the specifications set forth by the MFI (Multiple Function Fighter) requirement. For example, our 1.42 aircraft has pitch and yaw thrust-vectoring as standard. We started out from the beginning to have this capability. The maneuverability of such an equipped aircraft is many times superior to the pitch-only (vertical) thrust-vectoring system on the F-22 or even the Sukhoi Su-37. [Ed. Note - See Related Story].

AWN: What other aircraft do you feel will favorably compare with the 1.42?

Belosvet: The JSF fighter program will produce such an aircraft in 2 years. The 1.42 will be ready in perhaps four months. We do not believe the JSF will compare in flight, however.

Our thanks to Vladimir Karnozov of Air Fleet Herald, Russia, for translating Mr. Belosvet's comments into English.

One note - the 1.42 is a MiG internal designation. The aircraft will gain a new designation once it has completed the development process and enters service.

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