Show's Big News is Money

With orders for new aircraft expected to be regularly announced at Farnborough, the industry continues to breath a huge sigh of relief that the latest drought has ended.

Both commercial and military aircraft markets have suffered as the world's economies adjusted to new political and economic realities. Even last year's Paris Air Show was an example of just how tight budgets were, with relatively insignificant new orders announced. Things were even worse at the 1994 Farnborough show.

Now, however, orders for upwards of US$12 Billion are predicted to be announced by several major and minor players. On the first day, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas already announced US$7 Billion alone. Yet to be heard from in the commercial market are Airbus and numbers of regional aircraft manufacturers. Bombardier is expected to announce an order for almost $1 Billion in Bombardier de Havilland Dash 8s. Military orders have also to be announced.

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