Douglas Unveils The MD-XX

Farnborough, September 5 -- McDonnell Douglas produced plans for the new high capacity, long range jetliner at Farnborough. Designated the MD-XX, the aircraft is planned in two initial models -- a 375-stretch version and a long range variant. Both models will take benefit from a newly developed, high efficiency wing with increased span and total area.

While Douglas is officially offering the aircraft yet, it expects to later this year, and plans a formal launch for early 1997.

The stretch version of the MD-XX will have the same or longer range than the MD-11, but with an additional 25% capacity. The aircraft can be configured to seat between 375 and 515 passengers.

The extended range version will be able to travel 20% greater distances than the MD-11 with 309 passengers. Maximum range for the ER version is expected to be more than 7,000 nautical miles.

The new wing design has a span of 213 feet, and a total area of 5,200 square feet. It takes advantage of a patented air foil shape to make it, according to Douglas MD-XX Program VP-General Manager Walt Orlowski, "the most aerodynamically efficient wing in the airline industry."

Douglas expects to seek board approval to offer the new aircraft soon, with target deliveries around the end of the year 2000.

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