Bombardier To Offer CRJ-X

Farnborough, September 5 -- While a final launch decision is expected later this fall, Bombardier has authorized its Regional Aircraft Division to offer the Canadair CRJ-X 70-seat airliner for sale to potential customers.

Pierre Lortie, President of the Regional Aircraft Division, announced that he and his team will present customers with firm pricing, stipulated range and performance, a detailed type specification and firm delivery dates.

The CRJ-X has been under development since 1994. The aircraft is a stretch version of the 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet. The current design stretches the fuselage by 15.5 feet, adds a wing root plug of 6 feet and a larger horizontal tail. The leading edge incorporates high-lift devices for improved airfield performance.

The CRJ-X will have a maximum cruise speed of Mach .81 and a maximum operating speed of Mach .85, identical to the Canadair Regional Jet.

If the formal launch is announced at the end of 1996, first flight for the new aircraft will take place in early spring 1999, certification in the third quarter of 2000 and first delivery after that.

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