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AeroWorldNet Staff in front of Farnborough Press Centre as the show ends.

Farnborough, September 6 -- As the last plane flew in Friday's flying demonstration, many exhibitors were preparing to pack it in for the year. For most, it has been a long week, with too many hours everyday on the floor of the exhibit hall, and too many hours at night with customers or colleagues. For the four staff members of AeroWorldNet it was a bittersweet end to a landmark week.

This is the launch week of AeroWorldNet. As the only online aerospace magazine to provide daily coverage of Farnborough every day of the week, and as a startup with only four people at the show, we stared in the face of a giant. Everyday was an incredible battle to get the news, cover the stories, consider the angles and report the events. Everyday brought new trials, with equipment malfunctioning, British Internet servers going down, one-of-a-kind cables being lost, and digital cameras deciding to change the hues of the rainbow. But everyday we produced the news.

In Monday's edition, AeroWorldNet editors boldly predicted a windfall of $12 billion in new orders would be announced by the end of the show. On the last day of the show, every journalist at Farnborough was reporting $11.8 billion in order announcements.

The exclusive interview with MiG top designer, Anatoly Beresvot, revealed new details about a Russian military program just confirmed earlier this week.

Unique perspectives on rivalries and behind the scenes events rounded out our first ever coverage of an international air show.

All in all, it was a great week. And to those of you who caught our reports from Farnborough, we say most gratefully, "Thank you." We have done our best and scooped some of the most influential aerospace publications in the world. And we did it for you.

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