B2 Flies Over Virtually Undetected

Farnborough, September 3 -- It seemed appropriate that the B2 Stealth bomber would fly over the Farnborough Air Show without previous announcement.

After all, no one could say they saw it coming, which is the point of a stealthy aircraft after all.

The B2 had departed a U.S. base at 6 a.m. yesterday morning in order to arrive 21 hours later over the air show in England.

The sleek bat-winged aircraft flew over the airfield twice, with long slow turns at each end of its flight vectors. Graceful in the air, the B2 looked no more dangerous than a UFO with thousands of pounds of armament.

Unfortunately for the assembled (and somewhat startled) air show audience, the aircraft flew off toward the southwest after its second pass, not to be seen again. This caused many to remark that it was one of the most successfully stealthy flying demonstrations of the show - no one saw it coming, few saw it fly by, and no one will see it again. At least not at this year's show.

This reporter was one of the lucky few to observe the giant aircraft make its appearance. Quick to the draw, the digital camera was prepared to record the third pass. Oh well....

If AeroWorldNet happens to catch another unannounced flight, rest assured the pictures will appear here. They only surprise us once.

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