Russia Might Have Received A Tu-204 Order

Farnborough, September 5 -- Some suggestion persists that Tupolev, the Russian aircraft manufacturer, received an order for ten TU-204 aircraft this week. While the news was almost a postscript in a general article appearing in one of the many daily magazines handed out at the show, no one at Tupolev would confirm the news.

The TU-204s, if they were in fact sold to an undisclosed buyer, apparently will fly with Rolls-Royce engines.

When contacted, a spokesman at the Tupolev chalet who declined to be identified would neither confirm nor deny the order. Said Mr. X, "I don't really work for Tupolev, I'm just helping out the receptionist." When pressed he quickly added, "There is no one here." That comment caused the many non-people in the chalet to turn around and glance at the source of interruption to their conversations.

So, while Tupolev may be at Farnborough, according to their non-spokesman they also may not be.

Stay tuned while we press for confirmation that the aircraft on display with the Tupolev name on their side are even really here.

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