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Special AWN Coverage: Heli Expo 2000

The worldwide helicopter industry gathered in Las Vegas for the 52nd Annual Heli Expo held January 24-26. Read what's in store for the industry over the next decade.
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This Week in CIS Aerospace
Domodedovo Reconstruction Nears Completion
After reconstruction, Domodedovo will be the most modern Russian airport, fully corresponding to West European standards.

arrow MD Helicopters Alive and Kicking
The fact that MD Helicopters is still in business after essentially a one-year shutdown was a surprise in itself here at Heli Expo 2000.

Industry News
arrow Eurocopter: Customer Service Must Improve
The venerable Eurocopter still dominates in terms of value, but one area still stands some improvement. Plus, the latest on the new EC 155.

arrow Bell 427 Certified at Heli Expo The light-twin helicopter finally received FAA certification here at Heli Expo. First delivery followed minutes later.

arrow Robinson Still Number One in Sales
You won't believe the rate at which the new R44 is selling. Having just completed its best year ever, Robinson says 2000 is off to an even better start.

arrow Schweizer Unmanned Helicopter Makes Debut
Weeks after its successful first flight, the UAV is still vying for the US Navy contract. See the pilotless helicopter up close here.

arrow Agusta Touts Progress at Heli-Expo 2000
The company expects to show a 15% increase in sales over the previous year and a promising future for its product line.

arrow Schweizer Committed to Lead With New Model 333
Schweizer is finally able to compete seriously in the light turbine helicopter market thanks to the 333.

arrow Telephonics Buys AlliedSignal/Honeywell Radar Systems
The New York-based communications company bought two weather radar systems AlliedSignal was forced to sell off in order to complete the Honeywell merger.

arrow Aerial Tour of 'Glitter Gultch' on WhisperJet Helicopter
Papillon Helicopters shows its new "quiet" helicopter with aerial tours of the Las Vegas Strip. See the photos here.

arrow AWN Congratulates Boeing Suppliers of the Year
Boeing honored its top suppliers last year for their support of Boeing business goals and their ability to add value to Boeing products.

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