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Paris Air Show Update June 20, 1997


What's It All About, Paris?

At the show's end, the two public days will bring hordes of aerospace enthusiasts to pour over exhibits, squint to watch aerobatics and pick up every sq. centimeter of literature to be found. But what did the industry find at this year's Air Show? A heavyweight prize fight.
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Today's Headlines At Paris

Pratt & Whitney Claims Power On A330 TAM Order
To operate new long-range routes, TAM airlines of Brazil selects Pratt & Whitney engines for yet another new aircraft order for Airbus.

Fairchild-Dornier Announces Launch Customer For 328JET
What the world needs now is a 32-seat regional jet. Well, okay, maybe not everybody; just certain regional airlines.

Arianespace Announces New Launch Contract
Arianespace continues to claim it's the premier launch service in the world, but doesn't refute ILS reports that Arianespace's market share is shrinking.

The Master of Ayres Corporation
Some companies are sleepers. They have a great idea that's just waiting to catch the world's attention. Witness Ayres Corporation, home of the Loadmaster.

Teal Group/Arran Aerospace Independent Study Reveals $2.7-Billion Military Piston Trainer Market
Studies show there are thousands of piston single trainers in worldwide military inventories today, have these planes outlived their usefulness or is it time for the big airport in the sky?

Briefs At Paris

A few lasting images from AWN's visit.


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Industry News from Paris

IDD Aerospace Corporation Displays Innovations At Paris
IDD Aerospace Corporation announced yet more innovations.

Message from Edmond Marchegay, CEO of Intertechnique

The chairman of Groupe Intertechnique extends a message to the readers of AeroWorldNet's Paris Air Show coverage.

AAI/ACL Shows Off New Product, Announces Contract With Allison

AAI/ACL came to Paris this year with a new contract and new test equipment.

Fairchild Fasteners Demonstrates Performance

Paris is evidence that Fairchild Fasteners is on the move. At the1995 Paris Air Show, they had one of the most exciting exhibits at the show.

Tecstar Displays Total Systems Solutions

Tecstar has both air and space covered in its exhibit at Paris this year.

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