September 7, 1998

** Farnborough Daily Edition **

Farnborough Reflects The Industry's Issues

This year's Farnborough Air Show promises to dish up all of the drama of years past. And more.

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ILFC, KLM Brighten Boeing's Order Book
Boeing is determined to have a good showing at Farnborough. This $1.1 billion in new orders made the first day a little more pleasant.

Bombardier Orders Total $750 Million
Bombardier was expected to show orders at the show. These appeared just the week before.

Gulfstream Announces Orders
The GIV and GV are popular business jets. Here's another competitor determined to bring orders to the show.

Embraer Draws First Blood In Regional Order Action
While Bombardier announced orders last week before the show, Embraer had the first order announcement during the show. The first shots have just been fired.

Gulfstream And Lockheed Announce Supersonic Biz Jet JV
It's not the first time something like this has been considered. In fact, a supersonic business aircraft has been bantered around for years by any number of companies. So what makes this one different?

Boeing Faces Plenty Of Questions But Gives Few Answers At Farnborough
It was bound to happen. Boeing sends the number two guy to face the music after having axed the number one commercial aircraft guy. The big question: where's the top guy?

Airbus Chief Confirms New A318; Offers Vision
Noel Forgeard had a confident smile on his face during today's press conference. And why shouldn't he?

The 100-Seater Market Heats Up
Boeing flew the first 717-200 last week as the rest of the industry prepares to respond. The response could come tomorrow.

Coverage of Farnborough Begins
This year's Farnborough Air Show is bigger than ever. Welcome to AeroWorldNet's daily online show coverage.

Big Boeing Changes Before Farnborough
Boeing finally put a neck on the chopping block the week before the Farnborough Air Show. While the timing was curious so was the action that would follow at the show.

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Sukhoi Is A No-Show

The big Sukhoi Design Bureau declined to make an official appearance at Farnborough this year, although an Su-27 flew in, courtesy of the Gromov flight test institute. The popular Sukhoi fighters, capable of performing seemingly impossible aerobatic maneuvers at high speed, were cut from Farnborough as a result of budget cuts. Sukhoi explained that they were concentrating on air shows in areas where potential customers will be.

Bell Expected To Announce Risk-Sharing Partner

Bell Helicopter is expected to announce a major risk-sharing partner on its 609 commercial tiltrotor at a Farnborough press conference tomorrow. Details in tomorrow's AWN Farnborough daily coverage.

CFM Out of A318

CFM International is expected to decline pursuing engine orders for the new Airbus A318 now that the PW6000 is apparently the Airbus choice for the new plane's powerplant. CFM holds a commanding lead in the narrowbody market, but Pratt & Whitney scrambled for the order in a successful effort that is said to possibly include an equity position.