September 10, 1998

** Farnborough Daily Edition **

AlliedSignal In $1 Billion 728JET Supply Deal

Another supplier jumps onto the new Fairchild Dornier regional jet series.

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Farnborough 98 Photo Gallery

Some lasting images of Farnborough 1998 from the AWN coverage team!

Another Executive Jet Order; This Time For Raytheon Hawkers
Fractional ownership of biz jets must be popular. Heck, even Warren Buffett wants in. And there must be no shortage of optimism because here's another order from Executive Jets.

Airbus Picks Up Another Small Order
It didn't even rate a press conference. Just a press release available at the press chalet. In a huge order week how quickly we become jaded.

AlliedSignal Reports $100 Million Order From Latin Airline Alliance
Allied Signal shared in the wealth from the big Latin American Airbus order.

Boeing Defines Delta IV Launch Variants
With its next generation launch vehicle on the way, Boeing starts fleshing out the family.

Bell 609: For $10 Million, You Get A Plane And A Copter
Chris Genna takes a look at a helicopter that looks like a plane. Or is it vice versa?

Fairchild Establishes Leasing Arm
Fairchild Dornier is working out all the kinks as they move forward with their new regional jet family. This is obviously going to make orders easier. At least, that's the plan.

Small US Company Wins Navy HUD Contract
Flight Visions isn't your average large aviation electronics company. But they did grab a nice U.S. Navy contract for their HUD.

Thiokol to Build Japan's H-IIA Solid Strap-on Booster
Thiokol gets the go-ahead to move forward with this new booster.

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Delta Air Lines Order Slips Out

Rolls-Royce inadvertently revealed a new order by Delta Air Lines for two Boeing 777s in its own announcement of the engine award for the contract.

Rolls says it values the Trent 892 engine order, selected to power the 777s, at more than $50 million. The aircraft will deliver in 1999, although no word was given today by either Boeing or Delta about the aircraft order.

Rolls says the two incremental aircraft increase the firm orders for Trent 800-powered 777s for Delta to 14, in addition to last November's order for the Trent 800 to power 10 firm aircraft, 20 options and 30 rolling options.

Fokker Reviving?

Word is circulating about two possible attempts to revive the Fokker turboprop line. Forward Aviation, lead by a group of investors and ex-Fokker executives from the Netherlands, is seeking to put together a deal to produce the F50 twin-turboprop and the F60 stretched variant for military transport, maritime and ambulance use. The company would use the government-owned tooling to produce the aircraft.

Another group called Rekkoff Aircraft wants to produce Fokker 70 and 100 jet aircraft. A Dutch investor also heads this effort and has indicated orders or intents for 20 aircraft. This effort is two weeks away from a decision on whether or not to go forward.

Both groups would establish manufacturing in the Amsterdam area.

Farnborough Photo Gallery Coming

Join us for the Farnborough Photo Gallery, beginning in next week's edition of AeroWorldNet. We'll share with you all of the excitement of the aircraft at the air show straight from the rain and wind swept grounds of Farnborough. Okay, the sun did shine occasionally.