Week of October 26, 1998

Cessna Rolls Out New Citation Models

Cessna unveils four additions to its Citation line of business jets on the eve of the NBAA 1998 Annual Convention in Las Vegas.

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NBAA 98 Photo Gallery

Some lasting images of the 1998 NBAA Show from the AWN coverage team!

This Week In CIS Aerospace
Acceptance In Service For The Su-33 Deck Fighter
Join AWN's Moscow-based columnist for a look at the history of the Su-33 carrier-based fighter.

Boeing 3Q Beats Projections
Boeing reports a much improved third quarter but isn't out of the woods yet.

Northwest Airlines Reports Bad News on Financial and Legal Fronts
Labor woes certainly took their toll on earnings this quarter. Operations are back on track, but NWA now faces roadblocks to its proposed virtual merger with Continental.

New Commercial Orders Announced
Not all of last week's airplane orders were at the NBAA. Both Boeing and Airbus had some significant announcements for their commercial lines.

Arianne 5 Ready for Commercial Development
The new European launcher completes its third successful test flight last week.

Executive Jet Hands $1.3 Billion Order To Gulfstream
Super billionaire Warren Buffett showed up at the NBAA show to help his new fractional ownership company highlight big orders. This press conference was no exception.

Galaxy Intercontinental Business Jet On Track
The company calls this "the only super midsize intercontinental business jet available this century." That may be splitting hairs, but the Galaxy Intercontinental Business Jet is certainly ready for business.

British Aerospace to Market Avro Biz Jets
Last week we told you the 146-100s were hitting the business market. Now British Aerospace says they'll also offer new Avro RJs in the corporate VIP configuration, although you might not see that many around.

Cessna Sovereign Wins Orders
Cessna's new Sovereign model could boast sales just one day after it was unveiled at NBAA '98.

Bombardier Fractional Ownership Enter European Market
Bombardier steps up its in-house fractional ownership program and announced plans to take it to Europe.

AASI Unveils The JetCruzer 500 At NBAA
The NBAA Show has plenty of action including the unveiling of new aircraft. This unique propjet, backed by an interesting group, drew a crowd of onlookers throughout the show.

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Farnborough 96
Transflight 97
Paris 97
Farnborough 98

John Glenn Becomes Rocket Man Again This Week

The world will watch as US astronaut John Glenn returns to space this Thursday. The 77-year old Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth during the 1960's and since has gone on to serve as a senator in the US Congress. You can check out Glenn's progress at NASA's site or at another site set up to detail the astronaut's heroics.

Star Alliance Expands

The Star Alliance will soon add All Nippon Airways, Japan's second largest airline, to its list of members. ANA plans to join the airline network in 1999 as the ninth member of the alliance. The Star Alliance includes Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines System, Thai Airways International, United Airlines, VARIG, Air New Zealand and Ansett Australia.

Reno Air, Canadian Announce Codeshare

Reno Air and Canadian Airlines will begin codesharing effective November 22. The agreement applies to Canadian's flights between San Jose and Vancouver, BC, and between San Diego and Vancouver, BC.

Boeing Wins Saudi Support Contract

Boeing Information was awarded a $146.4 million contract to provide maintenance for the Saudi Air Force E-3As, KE-3As, and RE-3As. The Wichita, Kansas-based Boeing subsidiary will provide support through May 2001 under the terms of the contract.

Bombardier's New Continental

Bombardier signed two customers for its new Continental midsize business jet the day after it was debuted at last week's NBAA Convention. Jet Connection of Frankfurt and a private operator from the United Arab Emirates both ordered one each. Both are existing Bombardier customers.

Deep Space 1 Off On Journey

A Boeing Delta II launched a futuristic probe toward deep space last weekend complete with a bevy of advanced technologies. Among other firsts, Deep Space 1 will be the first spacecraft to use an ion thruster to provide solar electric propulsion for its primary source of thrust. The spacecraft is the first mission in NASA's New Millennium Program, to test and validate new technologies to be used on spacecraft in the next century. The spacecraft will attempt an encounter with asteroid 1992 KD in July of next year as a final demonstration of its technologies.