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Welcome from Gerard David of Intertechnique

I would like to start by saying a great "thank-you" to those of you who followed our helicopter trip last weekend from New York to the mid-Atlantic on L'Esprit d'Intertechnique 1997. I hope our mutual disappointment in the early end of the helicopter flight will only be a momentary one, and a new concept will be born in the coming months.

I am also delighted to say a friendly "Hello" to all the aerospace readers of AeroWorldNet and to wish you good reading about all the events taking place at Le Bourget outside of Paris this week. It is the pleasure of Intertechnique to sponsor this daily online coverage on AeroWorldNet.

We especially want to call your attention to the fact that Intertechnique equipment is installed on every aircraft shown here at the Paris Air Show. From Airbus to Boeing, from the Indonesian commuter aircraft to the Brazilian EMB-145 Regional Jet through Canadair and Gulfstream. Dassault, Aerospatiale, Saab, Sikorsky, Eurocopter. We are very proud to be associated with all of those famous names.

In fact, we invite you to visit our exhibit at the Air Show. Over the next several days, we will have sections of our exhibit online on AeroWorldNet for you to see.

During this week, we will take you on a cyber-tour of the four main parts of our activities - oxygen and life support, electrical power management, fuel systems, and systems management. Of course, we will also introduce you to another very important part of our Groupe is telemeletry transmissions.

Intertechnique is proud to take a leading position in funding research and development, in light of recent reductions in European government funding for these activites. Despite these cuts, Intertechnique not only continues but increases its own budget for R&D, so we can maintain our advances in the fields where we are leaders. We do this to ensure that Intertechnique equipment will continue to be installed on the large majority of the world's aircraft. Internal R&D budgeting represents about 17% of our total revenues.

There are several examples of where this R&D is paying off.

We have a new system being demonstrated for ground deicing system detection that will be tested in flight next winter. We think we have a very good technical advance in this very critical safety area just prior to take-off.

The improvement of system for the management of electrical power is another area. In the future, electrical power is essential to accomplish more and more tasks aboard every aircraft. The management of electrical power aloft becomes one of the most immportant tasks we must fulfill and it is an essential area for our R&D.

A third example is our development of new systems for the maintenance and calibration of navigational aids. This is very high technology at a low cost. You'll see evidence of this research and development at the entrance to the Air Show, Instead of calibrating an ILS from the air. The small truck with the Intertechnique sign can calibrate an ILS as accurately as it can be done from an aircraft -- for 1/10th the cost.

Intertechnique has always made a commitment to technology. We have just launched our new Web site at In one week it will become While it is still under construction we invite you to stop in and look around.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the coverage of Paris 1997. We hope to meet you in person in the future.

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