Philippe Boutry (left)
& Gerard David
Pilot Interviews:

Philippe Boutry
Gerard David

Gerard David on why he planned the flight


The Crew of the F-WQDO ECUREUIL

Philippe Boutry

Philippe Boutry was born in Paris in 1952. He entered Naval College in 1971 and embarked on a career as a Naval Officer. In 1976, he chose to specialize in Naval Aeronautics and anti-submarine combat helicopters. He obtained his test pilot license in 1983 and joined Eurocopter Flight Trials in 1990.

During his 20 years in the Naval Forces, he has commanded two helicopter formations of the Fleet Air Arm.

As a Test Pilot with Eurocopter, Boutry was involved in the creation of the whole helicopter range and in charge of the NH90 prototype program. In December 1995, he was at the controls of the aircraft for its maiden flight.

In 1995, Boutry took part in the initial development of the Eurocopter Ecureuil B3, or AS 350 B3. The first series of trials were brought to a close in Pakistan with a demonstration of the performances of this aircraft in both the Himalayas (for the altitude tests ­ landing at 6000 metres on the Baltoro glacier), and in the Multan desert (for high temperature tests).

Philippe Boutry has flown a total of 5000 hours in helicopters of which more than 2000 were on trial flights.

For recreation, Boutry enjoys riding horses near his home in Marseille.

He was awarded the Chevalier of the Ordre National du Merite.

Gerard David

Gerard David was born in Lyon in 1942. A former graduate of the Ecole Normale Suprieure, he also has a degree in Classical Literature from the University.

Gerard David is currently External Relations Manager of Intertechnique.

He is a professional instructor pilot for planes and helicopters. 10,970 flight hours, 35 years of aeronautcial certificates and licenses testify to his exceptional passion for flying.

From the Piper Club to the Cessna Citation and including the Fouga Mafister, he has recorded 8,700 flight hours in his log book, with 2,270 hours at the controls of a whole range of helicopters, including the Bell 47, the bi-turbine Ecureuil and the Gazelle.

Gerard David is also a qualification instructor for instrument flying as well as a mountain and glacier flying instructor. This extremely challenging type of flying involves high altitude landing and take-off from glaciers and snow fields in the Alps. Only 70-80 pilots in France are certified to perform this type of flying.

David also has been awarded the Chevalier of the Ordre National du Merite.